No deposit casino bonus

Casino bonusFree casino cash is always a welcome discovery. That’s exactly what no deposit bonuses are. We’ll show you the best no deposit casino bonus UK, what to watch out for when picking one, and how to assess whether the casino offering it is worth playing at.

The Three Types of No Deposit Bonus

New players can find the different types of casino bonuses confusing enough. Well, we’re sorry to break it to you, but there are even sub-types. For example, a no deposit casino bonus UK is different from a deposit match, that much is obvious. Yet, there are actually three distinct types of no deposit bonus, too. Confused? Don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll now explain the three types of bonuses available at various no deposit casino bonus across the web.

 No Deposit Cash

Here’s an example of what this offer might look like:

Offer Amount Minimum Deposit Wagering Requirements Win Max
£5 N/A x20 £100

The example above is offering you £5 in no deposit cash. This can be used freely in a number of games, although there will usually be some restricted games.

Since these are no deposit casino bonuses, no minimum deposit is necessary. The wagering requirements mean the number of times you will have to bet the bonus before you can withdraw it and walk away. The win maximum is the most you can cash out when using the bonus.

What happens if you win £1,000 while using the £5 bonus? You’ll be able to take £100 out in real money, while the rest can be used to play more casino games.

We always grab no deposit cash when we encounter it. Why not? There’s absolutely no risk, and even if there’s a lower win cap, it’s still a chance to win money without any risk whatsoever.

 No Deposit Free Spins

Here’s an example of what this offer might look like:

Offer Amount Minimum Deposit Wagering Requirements Win Max
50 spins N/A x20 £100

No deposit spins work in the same way as no deposit cash except that you’ll have to use them on video slots.

The spins will all have a pre-set value. Often this is in the region of between £0.10 and £0.25. This might not seem like much, but multiply it by the 50 spins, and it soon adds up.

These bonuses are designed for slots players. However, most of them come with some game restrictions. For example, you might not be able to play progressive jackpot slots using no deposit spins. Come on…you didn’t think the casino was going to let you walk away with several million on them, did you?!

No deposit free spins are a fantastic way to play your favourite slots, try new ones, or test out a casino you’re considering registering at with absolutely no risk on your part.

Even if the maximum cashable win is set at £100, that’s £100 you wouldn’t otherwise have, and all the rest of it will remain as bonus cash, meaning a lot more free play than you bargained for and potentially even more wins.

☑ No Deposit Loyalty Bonuses

Here’s an example of what this bonus might look like:

Offer Amount Minimum Deposit Wagering Requirements Win Max
£20 N/A x5 N/A

These bonuses differ from the above two because they apply to existing, loyal players rather than new ones. You won’t be able to claim these until you’ve made some real money wagers. Offers as big as £20 will mean you’ve probably been playing for a while.

Casino loyalty programs tend to work on a points system. You get certain amounts of loyalty points for playing games at the casino, and then when you reach certain limits, you can cash them in for bonuses. For example, you might get £5 cash for 1000 loyalty points.

Some new no deposit casinos UK are doing away with the loyalty points system and giving loyal players ongoing cashback bonuses directly. Sometimes these even come without wagering requirements and can be withdrawn right away.

Even where wagering requirements do exist on loyalty bonuses, they will usually be a lot lower than the wagering requirements on new player bonuses.

That’s just how it should be. Loyal players deserve to be treated better than those just signing up. Loyalty bonuses won’t require any deposit on your part to unlock, so we wanted to include them here so that this list is complete.

How to pick a no deposit casino bonus to play at

Not all no deposit casino bonus offers are worth taking. In fact, rogue casinos know this is the exact ploy needed to reel in the players they intend to scam. Thankfully, not all online casinos are run by swindlers. We’ve created this checklist to help you identify trustworthy casinos.

After all, there’s no point in taking a no deposit casino bonus if you’re never going to be able to cash anything out or even worse are going to then deposit into and lose money.

Ask the following questions (or consult our reviews which answer them for you) before register an account at any online casino:

❓ Does it have a valid gaming license?

This is possibly the most important question of all. If a casino has a gaming license from a trustworthy regulator, then it stands to reason that the casino itself is trustworthy.

Licences from the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar are hugely positive signs. Curacao and Alderney licences are also highly respected and mean you can highly likely trust the casino.

If a casino has had its gaming license by any of these operators revoked, do no register an account. The only time a casino site gets sanctioned by these licensing authorities is for breaking their rules about what is considered fair conduct towards players.

If a casino claims to have a gaming license from one of these authorities you can even go a step further and verify the license number for yourself. This can be done on most licensing authority websites.

❓Are the games provided by reputable software providers?

Award-winning casino software companies like Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt don’t do business with rogue casino operators. They have their own reputations to think of and if word got out that Playtech games are fixed, for example, that would spell disaster for the future of the company. For this reason, trusted casino software companies guard their reputations with their lives. They understand that it takes one tree to make a million matches, but only one match to burn down a million trees.

One way they do this is by thoroughly assessing the operators they are working with. If a site seems suspicious enough to Playtech or NetEnt that they refuse to do business with it, there’s a good chance it is suspicious!

On the other side of the coin, if the likes of Microgaming has done its checks and found a casino to be worth doing business with, there’s a good chance that’s also the case.

You could say that the presence of these games at an online casino is an indicator in and of itself that you can trust the site. That’s definitely true, but we still always recommend assessing a casino by the rest of the criteria on this list, too.

❓ Are there plenty of ways to deposit and get your money back out?

One of the favourite tricks of rogue casinos is providing dozens of ways for you to make deposits, but only one or two ways to get your money back out. They might also lock your cash up until you provide your identity documents, which is exactly what they want to begin with. It’s normal to have to verify your identity at trusted casinos before making your first withdrawal. This is how they comply with anti-money laundering regulations and maintain their licences.

However, this requirements combined with extremely limited withdrawal options can be a warning sign. It can mean the casino is putting up obstacles to make it a hassle for you to withdraw.

Sometimes, rogue casinos make the process so burdensome that players just give up which is, again, exactly what they want.

The best new no deposit casinos will still ask you to verify your identity before substantial withdrawals, but they will make it simple to get your money and will provide multiple withdrawal methods.

The best of the best casinos, which you’ll find at the top of our table above, will provide as many ways to make withdrawals as they do to make deposits. That’s what we like to see!

❓Are the customer support agents helpful and do they provide sound answers?

It’s super frustrating when a casino welcomes you with open arms, accepting your deposits willingly, and then abandons you or delivers terrible service when you need them to resolve an issue for you.

We assess the customer service options and the level of service the agents deliver when we write an online casino review. We’ve experienced it all, from answers which take four days and arrive in incomprehensible English to lightning fast, professional responses by online casino wizards.

Of course, we prefer the latter! We want to have our issues resolved as quickly as possible by people who at least seem like they want to be there. We understand you also want the same, and so we prioritize sites with superior customer support in our casino rankings.

As well as quick, professional responses we like to see plenty of ways to get in touch. Email and live chat are a minimum, but casinos offering telephone support get even more credit from our experts.

❓Is the website user-friendly?

You could get a yes to all of the above questions and still, if you get a no to this one, it might be a deal-breaker. Nobody wants to play at an online casino site which is poorly designed, has blinding colours, lots of annoying, flashing banners, and menus which freeze or have broken links on them.

Likewise, it’s crucially important that a casino site functions correctly on all devices. Most players these days are accessing their favourite games on tablets and phones, so make sure that any new mobile casino no deposit functions correctly on your device. One-touch responsive menus (on mobiles), a design which is easy on the eye, and a logical order to the menus and overall layout is the minimum we require before recommending a casino.

Note: If you are playing on a mobile device you might be able to claim bonuses desktop players can’t. A new mobile casino no deposit bonus is much more commonly available than at standard casinos as operators rush to secure their share of mobile players.

If you don’t believe this is important, we challenge you to go and play at a casino with a bright yellow and red colour scheme for an hour. Good luck with an inevitable migraine that follows!

So, hopefully, this section has shown you that just because a casino offers a no deposit bonus that doesn’t mean you should dive in and register right away.

What you want is a quality, trustworthy casino that offers you a no deposit bonus. You can consult the table above, and read the attached in-depth reviews, for some ideas about where to start.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

❓Why would casinos give away free cash in the first place?
✍It’s a promotional offer. The idea is that you might like the casino and decide to stick around. If you do, then it’s a win for both parties.

❓Will I need any no deposit casino bonus codes to claim the offers mentioned above?
✍If any bonus codes are needed the casino will tell you at the point of registration. Most of the offers don’t require one. All you have to do is click the offer links above and register an account.

❓Which games can the no deposit bonuses be used on?
✍Each offer will have its own game restrictions. You might be able to use no deposit cash on a wide range of games, whereas no deposit spins can be used on selected slot machines.

❓What’s the best no deposit casino online?
✍Our view on that changes regularly. The current best operator is whichever is listed at the top of the table on this page. We have a ranking system which constantly changes. Whichever is in the top spot today is the best as of now.