Online Casino UK

New online casino siteThere are pros and cons to playing at new online casinos. We’ll outline them for you here and show you which new casino sites to play at and which you should avoid. We’ll also give you a list of the best new bonuses on the web.

The Positives

Lots of New Bonuses to Feast On

Playing at new casino sites gives you the opportunity to claim new bonuses you haven’t already taken. One of the bummers about playing at one operator for a while is that the welcome bonus soon fades away. Let’s be honest; there are a few operators which offer ongoing bonuses on the same level as the initial one. They do exist, of course, but they’re not easy to find. Registering at a new gambling site gives you a fresh start. You can claim all the no deposit spins, deposit bonuses, and welcome offers. For many, this is a good enough reason by itself to consider new casinos UK. However, there are other reasons.

Fresh Games and Perhaps New Games You Can’t Play at Your Current Casino

Every operator on the web is different in subtle ways. Some offer huge slots selections with very little else, others offer hundreds of live dealer games and just a few hundred slots, others choose to focus on one niche like video poker and provide the best selection of games for that type of player. Whatever your casino offers, you can be sure a new one will offer something slightly different. It might be a bigger range of slots, a superior live dealer, or some new novelty games which can’t be found anywhere else. It’s easy for things to become stale and boring when you’ve been playing at the same operator for months or even years. As the old saying goes; “A change is as good as a holiday!”

Slick, Lite, User-Friendly Websites On All Devices

Since every new casino UK from about 2016 onwards came online in the mobile era, it’s a 100% guarantee that they will be designed with the mobile player in mind. More often than not, it isn’t even necessary to download a mobile app. You simply need to log on using your mobile browser as you would at any other website, and play your favourite games. New operators tend to be extremely user-friendly and feature-rich. Do keep in mind that when apps are available, they’re usually limited somewhat when it comes to games. It’s better to play on your browser directly, where possible.

Better Banking Methods and Faster Payouts

It’s the nature of competition that one casino learns from the others mistakes and corrects them to convert their loyal players. Many of the older ones thought they had the market tied up and so could take their time when it came to payouts. Not anymore. New gambling sites specialize in getting your money both in and out of the site. They tend to offer lots of banking methods and super fast payouts. This is one of the edges they have over big, bureaucratic sites. Of course, how fast you get your cash will depend on which payment method you use. If you use e-wallets or cryptocurrency, however, you will get your cash the same day at most new casinos.

The Downsides

New Brands Aren’t Always as Well-Recognized

By their very nature, new casino brands won’t be as well known as their established rivals. Years of history has brands like Bet365 and Betfair at the top, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better than the new sites. This is one of the reasons almost all new operators offer a no deposit bonus. They’re the perfect way to get you acquainted with the site and let you try the games without making a commitment. It’s also worth remembering that just because a specific brand is new doesn’t mean the group behind it is. Lots of highly experienced online operators run successful brands and are constantly launching new ones.

You Might Worry About Whether You Can Trust Them

This actually ties in nicely with the first point. After all, what is a recognized brand except for a promise of trust? It’s natural to approach the new ones cautiously. After all, how are you to know you aren’t dealing with a scam site?

Luckily, there are several ways to tell. Follow this quick checklist, and you’ll be able to eliminate the rogue sites quickly and focus on the trustworthy new casinos:

  • Look into the operator. If they have a track record of running multiple successful brands, that’s a good sign.
  • Check the gaming license. If they have a UK, Gibraltar, Alderney, Malta, or Curacao license, you should be safe in most cases.
  • Look at the address. If the URL begins with https:// it means the site is secure. This indicates that SSL encryption is being used.
  • Read expert reviews. We have a team of industry veterans who review each casino on this site. We’ll tell you if one of them can’t be trusted.

If you don’t know much about the gambling industry, start by reading a few of our reviews, and you’ll quickly begin to understand what’s important to know about them.

Some New Casinos Can Offer a Limited Selection of Games

This isn’t the case at every site, but it can be a problem for the small, upstart ones. Big operators like NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming choose which gambling sites they work with extremely carefully. Little sites without an established reputation might get overlooked, to begin with. Of course, this can be either a problem or an opportunity, depending on your point of view. If you insist on playing the games you love at every gambling site, you might be annoyed by this. If you’re open to trying new games, then it could be seen as a chance to try something different.

New Casino Bonuses – What You Can Get for Free

It’s always nice to receive free casino cash, no matter what form it comes in. If you’re new to the world of gambling, it can be helpful to understand the different types of bonuses.

The most common ones are:

  • Free Spins – These could be either no deposit free spins or might require a deposit to activate. Either way, the free spins can be used on selected video slots and are a great way for slots players to check out the games without any risk.
  • No Deposit Cash – This type of bonus involves receiving a small amount of money to play for free. You won’t have to do anything other than register an account. This is typically a token amount (around £5-£10). You can use it in a wide variety of games.
  • Deposit Bonus Cash – This is another form of free money. This time you’ll need to make a deposit, though. Some offers match your deposit by as much as 200%.
  • Cashback Bonuses – These are exactly what they sound like. You’ll get a percentage of what you play with back at the end of a fixed period of time. Some operators even have ongoing cashback offers which totally replace other types of bonus.

New Casinos Online – Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What are the best new casinos UK?

You see the table at the top of this page? Whichever is top is best as of now. This can change as our ranking system analyzes the sites, but for now, you can be sure that the top four or five sites on that list are the best new casinos on the web.

❓Can I play at new casinos on my mobile?

Yes, that’s definitely possible. Almost every new online casino is mobile-friendly. The designers know that mobile players are the future of the entire industry and provide apps and mobile sites to cater to you.

❓Will I need any new bonus codes to claim the offers?

If you stick with the examples listed above, then no in most cases. All you need to do is click through and claim the offer you like best. If a specific offer requires a bonus code the casino will make it clear before you claim it.

❓Do any of the new casinos listed above accept cryptocurrency?

Not at the time of writing. However, cryptocurrency is being adopted at a breakneck pace. We expect this to change in the near future. Perhaps by the time you read this, we’ll already have added a “crypto” section to the table and you’ll be able to see which casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptos.