Video Slots

Online video slots have become a global sensation and are the most popular game at online casinos by a long way.

We cover everything you need to know about them here. Check out the best slots list, the free spins offers, the feature explanations, the strategies, and the FAQs below.

The Top Five Video Slots With Huge Jackpots

New casinoExciting features, novel bonus rounds, and extra ways to win are well and good, but let’s face it, the real reason most of us want to play video slots online is for the jackpots, right? We’ve played just about all of the best slot games on the web, and we’ve found that they almost always have huge progressive jackpots. That’s actually what makes them the best ones, to begin with.

Here are our top five picks for unmissable games with monster progressive jackpots:

5. Cleopatra – IGT video slots are among the best on the web, but few have stood the test of time like Cleopatra. IGT released a Mega Jackpots version of this classic, making it possible to win instant millions on any spin. Time travel to ancient Egypt and enjoy one of IGT’s masterpieces.

4. Slotfather II – If you love mafia movies like the Godfather, Scarface, and Goodfellas, this game was made for you. It’s a Betsoft slot with a progressive jackpot and several bonus features. The theme includes red wine, spaghetti, wads of cash, mob bosses and Tommy guns. We highly recommend a few spins.

3.Hall of Gods – Imagine clicking a button and finding £3,000,000 behind a digital image on your screen. That’s what Hall of Gods by NetEnt offers. This is a thrilling slot with an ancient gods theme. As hinted at above, the progressive jackpot is won in a picking game, making it easy to win, although totally random.

2.Beach Life – There are many Playtech progressive jackpot slots worth mentioning, but Beach Life has remained popular for so long we had to pick it. This game is themed on a day at the beach and will literally make you feel happy. At any time the jackpot can trigger, making you even happier for a long time to come!

1.Mega Moolah – This Microgaming slot holds the record for the biggest online slot jackpot ever, which was well over € 17 million. It’s a simple game with a safari theme, but it has a bonus wheel feature which can make you instantly rich beyond your wildest dreams. Do not miss out on it.

Understanding Slot Bonus Features

New casino siteThe video slots with the biggest jackpots don’t always have the best features. It will depend on you what you’re going for, and we understand that each player is unique.
In case you’re new or don’t fully understand how all the features work, we’ve compiled this list of the most popular slot features.

  • Free Spins

This is a slot bonus feature where you don’t actually have to pay anything to play. The wins are real, though.  Usually, these are triggered by landing a specific combination of symbols. Some free spins bonus rounds offer just a few spins, whereas others offer dozens. It’s sometimes possible to re-trigger these features multiple times in a row.

  • Bonus Wheels

You’ve probably seen at least one game show based on a bonus wheel. Wheel of Fortune comes to mind.  Slots bonus wheels are exactly like that. When you play them you will have the opportunity to win things like free spins, cash prizes, entry into other bonus features, or jackpots.

  • Wild Features

Wild symbols are a part of most modern video slots and serve the special purpose of being able to “fill in for” other symbols to complete winning combinations. Yet, many video slots build extra features around wild symbols. For example, some wilds expand to cover entire reels, move from one reel to another, multiply wins when they form part of a combination, or stick in place for a few spins.

These aren’t “bonus rounds” in the strictest sense of the word, but rather are base game features which can be extremely profitable.

  • Rolling Reels

Rolling reels have become a mini-craze in the online slots world in recent times. That’s probably because players (understandably) love them. When you land a winning combination the symbols which formed it fade away or vanish in a puff of smoke and are replaced by new ones. This effectively leads to a free spin every time you win.
Where it gets really interesting is when this happens multiple times in a row. This leads to back to back wins from just one spin.Some slots even build in a dynamic multiplier so each consecutive win is increased in value. This can lead to gigantic wins.

  • Picking Games

These are the simplest of all the slots bonus features and can also be the most fruitful. Picking games are generally triggered by landing a specific combination of symbols, much like free spins rounds. Once you enter them, the objective is to pick one or more of several symbols on the screen. Each symbol has a prize hiding behind it. Usually, this is a cash prize, but can sometimes be extra free spins. Some progressive jackpot slots have picking games which can lead to winning multi-millions. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Progressive Jackpots

These are the highlight of any video slot – the mac daddy feature, so to speak.

Progressive jackpots can be won in a number of ways. Sometimes a specific combination of high-value symbols is required, other times they can be won on a bonus wheel, and frequently they can be won totally randomly on any spin without even having to land any particular combination.

Some progressive jackpots are worth a few thousand, whereas others are mega jackpots worth millions. It’s well worth researching which slot machines have the biggest jackpots, but the games mentioned on this page are a great starting point.

How To Win

Casino bonusYou don’t need tricks or cheats to win. In fact, we can guarantee you they don’t work. Slots engineers tend to be clever, and you will end up losing or getting banned from the casino if you try to use cheat codes and methods.

There are various slots tips and some good advice on how to win is:

  • Pick Games With High RTP

The Return To Player metric tells you what percentage of every £ bet is returned to players. You’re much better off playing a game with 97% RTP than one with 92% RTP. Research and find the ones with the highest RTP.

  • Understand the Slot Game You’re Playing

Each slot is distinct and no two games are exactly alike. You might need to bet a minimum amount to have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot, one particular slot may be highly volatile whereas another might be low volatility, and some games may have lucrative features whereas others are basic.

  • Implement a Slots Strategy

It’s important to recognize that slots are controlled by a random number generator and the outcome can’t really be altered. However, there are ways to improve your chances. For example, you could bet the minimum per spin in the hope of conserving your capital long enough to trigger a lucrative bonus round as many times as possible.

On the other hand, if a slot is thin on features but has a large base game jackpot you could simply bet the maximum per spin and hope to land it.

  • Beat Greed Before It Beats You

This may be the most important point of all. When you’re up x200 on a few spins it’s easy to get carried away and think we can increase that to x2,000.  That’s possible, but it’s also unlikely. It’s a good idea to have a cut-off point, decided before you begin playing. When you reach that limit, walk away and live to spin another day.

Common Questions

Q: Can I play real money slots for free?

A: The only way to do this is by utilizing a free spins bonus. You’ll see several of them available at the recommended casinos on this page. Sometimes, no deposit is required to activate these.

Q: I’ve learned about a video slot hack – will it work?

A: No, you can bet your last penny that it won’t work. Slots software designers are clever people and they haven’t survived for decades and made billions by releasing games with bugs in them. Stick to the tips above and forget the cheats.

Q: Which progressive jackpot slot offers the biggest payout?

A: Progressive jackpots depend on a number of factors, one of which is when they were last won. Check out some of the casinos above and visit the “jackpots” section. This will give you an instant glimpse into the biggest jackpots online.

Q: Are there any mobile video slot games?

A: Any slot released within the last five years or so will be mobile compatible. Some casinos even offer a slots app for download so you can play directly from your device when you feel like it.

Q: Can you offer any video slot bonus codes or free spins?

A: Each of the casinos you see listed on the table at the top of this page offer free spins offers. You won’t need any bonus codes for most of them. Just click the offer you like, register an account, and follow the instructions from the slots site.